Love a man in a uniform? Of course you do. They can be strong, independent, courageous and protective. And, like all men, they can also be a little hard to read from time to time. When something goes wrong, it may lead you to wonder, “Is he thinking what I’m thinking?” Well, before you start to feel like you’re not on the same page as your favorite guy, here are a few ways you can find out what’s really on his mind… and get him to share it all with you.

1) Space. You need it, he needs it. Don’t be afraid to give it to him. We all need time to collect our thoughts, determine how we truly feel about a situation and figure out the right way to communicate it. When he realizes that you have given him the gift of time without forcing him to answer anything right then and there, you will be rewarded with his thankfulness for your understanding.

2) Encouragement. This does not mean encouraging him to share his feelings. It means encouraging him to do the things that make him happy in life, with or without you, in his own way. Compliment him genuinely on something that only he can do, or ask him to share his favorite grilling recipe with you. Connect with him in ways that show him you truly, honestly care about him and have his best interests at heart, and he will do the same in return for you.

3) Time. Even if you are standing in the airport with your guy waiting for a plane to take off that only one of you is boarding… there is still plenty of time for conversations to take place. It may not be at that exact moment, but the time will come when both of you are in the right mood, in the right location and have the right words to share with each other. Wait for it.

Granted, doing the above doesn’t necessarily mean your man will present you with his deepest, innermost thoughts, but… it can help ensure you will be the one he brings his thoughts to when he is ready to share something. And, if you really want to know if he is thinking what you’re thinking, by all means, ask him before you share your own thoughts with him. You will get a little insight into what’s on his mind before your own starts to wander down a different, inaccurate path.

For more insights, check out this article by relationship blogger, Stephen Hussey.

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