Job interviews can be daunting. You’re being judged on the smallest details…

Just relax.

A little thought and planning can easily boost you above your competition when looking for your next job opportunity.  Be prepared when going into your next interview to sell your skills — this is your chance for some deserved, rehearsed, well-crafted humble-bragging! This video from Vyten shares why.

Whether you’ve just PCS’d or you’re just looking for something new, taking some time to think of the age old question ‘tell me about yourself’ can help answer all sorts of other questions that may come your way in your next interview discussion.


  • Explain how you can add value to the organization
  • Keep it short
  • Show you know a lot about the company and the role in which you’re applying
  • Highlight education and experience
  • Share your past accomplishments
  • Prove that you’re energetic and motivated
  • Practice


  • Ask the interviewer what they want to know
  • Share info about your hobbies or your family. It’s not personal…it’s business.

How are you different? How have your experiences as a Military Spouse prepared you for this role?

Try to answer the questions about your lifestyle as a benefit that will help the organization. Drive the conversation so that your skills overshadow the topic of your next move. Or, take the topic head-on, illustrating how these moves have made you into a vital asset.

What do you feel is the most effective way to answer this question in interviews?

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