In honor of International Polar Bear Day, organizations around the world are raising awareness about the declining polar bear population and the environment. Polar Bear International (PBI), the conservation group behind International Polar Bear Day also encourages families and individuals across the globe to lower the thermostat temperature in homes by at lease 2 degrees in order to lower carbon emissions. Other ways of lowering your carbon footprint include:
  • the use of energy efficient light bulbs
  • regularly cleaning and/or replacing air filters
  • only run full dishwasher loads (large and small loads use the same amount of energy and water)
  • wash laundry using warm or cold water (this way your hot water heater won’t have to work as hard)
  • only use central heating or air when you’re there to appreciate it. It costs less to turn on the unit when you come home than to keep it on all the time (even at a slightly higher temperature setting)
  • ventilate your attic to reduce heat build-up
Not only do these tips reduce environmental damage through your carbon footprint, they also save you money on your water and electricity bills.

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