What does a Military servicemember really need while they’re away? Naturally, it depends on a wide variety of things, such as: The person’s likes and dislikes, the situation they’re in, the status of your relationship with them, the time of year, whether there’s a holiday (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day or a birthday) coming up, the length of time they’ll be away, and on and on. And then you need to actually put it in the mail. So… how do you figure out all of that? Take a look below for some tips, advice and essential information.

First things first: What to pack and how to pack it

The following videos will help guide you through the basic components of creating and mailing a care package for anyone you may want to send one to.

Ashley Adkins’ video begins by telling you what shipping boxes to use and where you can find them. Collegevlogger12 takes you on a shopping trip to gather up all of the supplies she will be sending to her adopted soldier. Hanna Tanas offers you out-of-the-ordinary box-filling ideas, particularly for servicemembers who are away on their first deployment. And the U.S. Postal Service provides specific mailing instructions for sending items overseas to members of the Military.

Military Care Package Tips and Must Haves — By Ashley Adkins, RN

Basics and specifics for every day and special events.


Deployed Soldier Care Package Haul — By collegevlogger12

What to shop for when you’re looking out for a soldier who’s away from home.


Deployment Care Package Ideas — By Hannah Tanas


First deployment.


How to Send Military Mail — By USPS TV

Make your mailing experience simpler.


Next up: Make your package look great

Once you’ve purchased all of the items you need to put in your package and send it off, you’ll want to make sure the recipient enjoys every minute of opening it.

MilitarySisterhood shows you how to decorate the inside of your box, while Miss SuzieQLovesYou shares her thoughts on what a loved one really wants to receive, how to save a few dollars and making the most of your package.

How To: Decorate a Care Package | Val — By MilitarySisterhood


Make the inside of your box look festive.


Birthday Care Package Ideas — Deployed Spouse — By MissSuzieQLovesYou

Not just for birthdays. Staying on theme and avoiding just sending “stuff”.


At last: Add a personal touch

What says “I care about you” better than something homemade? That’s why we’ve included Tasty Delights’ recipe for an easy cake you can bake and send all in the same jar! Or, if baking isn’t your think, maybe scrapbooking is. Tsz Yan To shows off a cool card/gift combo box that can help you express how you feel through a crafty display of words and images.

Easy Chocolate Cake in a Jar Tutorial — By Tasty Delights

Because care package just isn’t the same without chocolate.


DIY — Handmade Gift for Boyfriend (Explosion Box) — By Tsz Yan To


Not into cake… or chocolate? How about shared memories?


What other great military care package ideas do you have? Let us know by commenting below. Or share a care package story with us.

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