Talk about inspiration…

In the humid jungle of Vietnam, Bob Wieland raced to save a fellow Soldier. He lost both legs when he stepped directly on a landmine. He was declared dead and put in a body bag alongside he fellow heroes. An orderly saw the bag begin to slowly move. Bob had lost his legs, but not his heart.

Upon returning home, Bob dedicated his life to motivating and inspiring people through phsyical activity. He walked across America on his hands, won four world records against able bodied athletes in bench pressing, and completed the New York, Los Angeles and Marine Corp marathon. Bob is the only double amputee to complete the grueling Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii as well as being the strength coach for the Green Bay Packers.

“The landmine exploded and my legs went one way while my life went another,” Bob says. His life went to truly inspiring others and being thankful for every amazing physical accomplishment he’s made. Bob’s message is always “I lost my legs but I didn’t lose my heart”.

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