Responding to a message from a viewer, EclecticNista shares her advice about making friends when living the MilSpouse life. As a MilSpouse of over 20 years, her advice is down to Earth and honest for any MilSpouses out there with the same question!

As you well know by now, you and the friends you make along the way will move – sometimes quite a lot. Here are 4 things to consider when you move to a new town without any contacts.

Get out and explore.

Find things that interest you and see what’s going on in your community to get involved in. If you love getting your hair done, post a question on the a messageboard to ask those in your community where they recommend you set up an appointment? Start a group to see what other MilSpouses like to do around the community.  Or, treat yourself to a mani/pedi to get some advice from real people around town.

If you’re looking for work in your new duty station, the job hunt will help you learn your way around, meet new people and find your professional place in your new surroundings.

Get to know your neighbors.

Participate in organized spouse groups. You can also get out into the civilian community if the military social scene isn’t for you. Also, literally go out and introduce yourself to your neighbors!

Don’t get discouraged.

You may be shy. Those around you may be shy as well.

You never know when and where you’ll meet a new friend. It could even be a neighbor coming over to ask for some flour.

Go with your gut.

Don’t force your relationships, but be open to new friendships. Be yourself. You never know who you’ll meet.

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