What are you willing to do differently to get what you want out of life?

That is the question you have to ask yourself if you are feeling like things aren’t moving in the right direction! Why is it that when things aren’t moving along the way that we’d hoped we question, whine and just wish that our situation was different? It’s easy to play the blame game, or spend time dwelling on the fact that life isn’t what we hoped for, but the reality is that our actions and habits have brought us to the place we are at, and only changing that up can take us in a new direction.

All too often we expect things to change because we want them to, not because we are willing to create new habits or step out of our comfort zone. I know for me that is so true when it comes to my weight.  I know that when I drink water, exercise regularly, and eat more fruits and veggies that I not only feel better, but the number on the scale heads in my “happy direction.” I also know that when I let stress and a busy life get in the way of those “proven” actions, that happy direction quickly turns to an upward spiral of doom.

Think back to a time when things were clicking and everything was falling into place. My guess is that you were busy.  You were on track, doing the big and little things (even when you didn’t want to), heck you were probably even completing your “to do” lists.  In that state of mind, you were willing to do whatever was necessary to create magic in your life.

What happened?

You moved along your path, getting closer and closer to your dream. You created magic and were getting more and more what you wanted from your life.

That’s the key. You must choose to take actions that you know work.

It’s really simple, but like many other “key strategies” simple doesn’t always mean easy.

Things change when we do things differently and actively take steps that move us forward. And this isn’t easy because sometimes life (or our mindset) gets in the way. Trust me, I am sighing right along with you. I get it, heck I struggle with it regularly. And yes it’s a process….(insert HUGE eye roll and head shake here icon smile time management secrets to a good life resources personal growth new drection Military Spouse Support Love your life life skills Life lessons key strategies habits follow your dreams finding happiness direction moment comfort zone challenges blame game be happy action a better life )

Here is the “secret” I’ve come to realize – people who get what they want out of life have a few things in common. And thankfully we can have them too, once we know what they are. People who get what they want:

  • Change their actions based on what they want, they do things differently and therefore get different results
  • Don’t allow themselves to slip into old behavior patterns that “pull” and stop their progress
  • Their actions aren’t similar to “the norm,” they get up earlier, utilize their time better, and work harder (yeah that’s a hard one to swallow)
  • Continually adjust their behaviors, actions, and strategies to fit the changing direction of their lives

So if you are stuck and whiny, ask yourself what can you do differently in this moment, and take action.

Keep taking action until something begins to work, and KEEP doing it.

That’s what the “I love my life” people do, and they get what they want. So can you.


The Direction Diva is a motivational speaker, blogger, and author who is the expert in helping military spouses move Beyond Logistics toward a better life.

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