Ray Higdon is an expert in home business development and network marketing. He gives some great advice about creating a website. So, if you’re feeling entrepreneurial and want to start a small business or an online business, Ray’s got some tips for you:
  1. Before doing anything else, make sure you know your target market. Who will your product or service help? What problems will your product or service solve? Ray recommends “The Ultimate Sales Letter” by Dan Kennedy as an excellent resource to help answer these questions.
  2. Who are you? Be clear about who you are on your website. Let your target audience get to know and identify with you.
  3. Build up your contacts. An email list is a great mechanism to capture potential sales leads.
  4. Traffic, content & exposure. How will you drive traffic to your website? Consider search engine optimization tools, social media outlets and creating a blog. Be sure to keep website content updated and fresh, and don’t forget your target market.
  5. Test and track traffic coming to your site. See what works and what doesn’t. Embrace those strategies bringing in viewers.
We hope these tips help you take the next step to further your small or online business. Check out more advice from Ray at rayhigdon.com. And get even more business advice from Jessica Higdon.
Ready to build your website? There are numerous resources you can try, from Weebly to Wix to Google Sites, and so on. Watch the video above for inspiration and information. The following videos willalso give you a glimpse into what you can expect, but they are certainly not your only options. Check them out for more information.

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