MilSpouse Jasmine recently posted a question to her MilSpouse friends on social media asking how they coped with deployments. For Jasmine, care packages and letters are her go-to way of coping with her husband’s deployment. Here are some other ideas Jasmine brings up and ideas that her friends recommend:
  • If you’re pregnant during your service member’s deployment, send a 3-D ultrasound of your growing baby to your deployed spouse.
  • Get involved with activities on post/base.
  • Make goals for yourself during your service member’s absence. This could be fitness-based, education or career-based – as long as it’s something just for you.
  • Plan a special activity every month. This will help you break away from everyday schedules and give you and your family something to look forward to.
  • Have your deployed service member send letters to the kids. They’ll feel so special!
Stay positive, get creative and check out Jasmine’s video above for more fantastic deployment advice!

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