By Judy Davis
The Direction Diva

As we begin 2015, we create New Years resolutions, set goals and start fresh. We look forward in hope that the year ahead is filled with success, prosperity and good health.  We search for resources, tips, books and information that can help us change our lives for the better. But there is a simple thing that many of us don’t do, and that is to personalize the moment in a simple yet powerful way.

Did you know that you can change your life RIGHT Now with a word? Trust me, you can.

You see, there is power in words. Words give us the inspiration to get us through life’s toughest challenges. They are able to motivate us, move us forward or even derail us. Words can bring us together or rip us apart. Words, specifically action words, can actually change your life.

Words are the vehicle in which I inspire and motivate people to navigate the ever-changing military lifestyle. From the Direction Diva blog to Right Side Up words are a big part of my entire life. In fact I love words so much that my husband wonders if I will ever shut up – but that’s a blog post for another day!

Even for this military lifestyle blogger and self-proclaimed word-aholic, I didn’t realize that the perfect word could make such a difference. In fact the perfect word can change your whole outlook and provide inspiration to others. Yes my friends, words are that powerful. Don’t believe me? Keep reading…Earlier this week I did something that I do every year; I chose my “2015 word”. Each year I pick a word that I can tape on my mirrors, post on my walls even make it my screen saver. I use it to motivate and inspire me as I move through the coming year and it becomes so much more that a simple word. It becomes a mantra if you will, something that pushes me to become a better person.

In the past my yearly words have helped me get back on track, served as motivation to try something new and even become a simple reminder to get off my butt when I’d rather stay in bed. The only criteria I have is that I must choose words that are simple and filled with meaning. And it must be an action word.

This year I chose the word “FOCUS”.

To me, FOCUS is a reminder that while there are so many opportunities available to me, my “job” this year is to focus on taking action in the places that will directly help me achieve the goals I’ve created for myself and my business. It’s a tool that will help me gauge my productivity and help me live in the moment without distraction.

It becomes an all or nothing kind of thing which in the past I have blogged about here. But this year I did something different and I chose to share my word on Facebook. Nothing more than a simple post, but what happened shocked me.

It was as if I had poured gasoline on a fire…within 24 hours of sharing my 2015 word “focus” people were talking about their lives, their goals and choosing words for themselves. Conversations about goals, challenges and fears began – all stemming from one word. And before I knew it, we were all encouraging each other to change our lives and offering to hold each other accountable.

A single word inspired conversations and motivated each of us in different ways – in ways I could have never imagined. What started out as a personal motivation technique has become a vehicle for other friends and family to enter their new year with focus and vision! Yes, words are powerful and can change your life!

Take a moment, choose your 2015 word and share it in the comments below!

About Judy

Judy Davis, the Direction Diva is a motivational speaker, author, and military lifestyle blogger as well as the co-founder of Her books Right Side Up and Warning Signs: Is Your Teen at Risk are go to resources for military families and her website is filled with tips, inspiration and resources for military families. Connect with Judy at

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