Juggling parenting, managing the day-to-day responsibilities around the house and homeschooling your kids can get overwhelming when you’re doing it by yourself during a deployment.

On the other hand, homeschooling during a deployment can be easier in some ways as well. When your service member is home, you might feel like you need to homeschool around your spouse’s schedule. When they’re away, your schedule is more flexible. Adapt your schedule to be best suited for you and your children. If it works out better to homeschool in the evenings or weekends, do what you need to do to find your family’s rhythm of home life, homeschooling and fun time!

Don’t get bogged down by single parenting and homeschooling during a deployment. Homeschool Co-ops and support groups are often available on bases and installations. Take advantage of these breaks in your routine. Talk to other homeschoolers to see what works for them.

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