Ah, yes. The inevitable military PCS. If you’re new to MilSpouse life, you may not have experienced the sheer chaos that is a military move for yourself…yet. But don’t worry, it will happen sooner or later.

If you’re an experienced pro with the ol’ PCS routine, you still may not think you need to take a home inventory. Or, you may take an inventory; but, is it detailed enough should something get lost or damaged?

There are horror stories out there of things being lost or irreparably damaged during a PCS. Sure, you have insurance, but you’ll have to prove that the transfer of such items were actually initiated in the first place. That’s where the home inventory comes in handy. Be exhaustive when preparing your inventory. Include videos, images, serial numbers and the condition at the beginning of your move.

As AHRN.com points out within this helpful video, things happen. From clumsy movers to lost shipments and natural disasters – things happen! Additionally, most people underestimate the value of their belongings by about 20%.

You have options when creating your home inventory. Prepare a written list, a spreadsheet, photo documentation,  video documentation or a combo of all 4 methods.

For more PCS home inventory information and resources, visit AHRN.com.

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