Sara from TwoHearts OneHope shares some ideas for decorating military housing. Her projects are affordable and portable for military families moving around the world. They also cause minimal or no damage, so you won’t have to do any repairs in the future.

Also be sure to watch Chill&Lhill’s unique solutions for military families decorating on a budget, in the video above.

Entryway Seating

Keep an eye out for a small cushioned bench that you can fit storage baskets into. This way, you can combine function and beauty.  Above the bench, hang a coat hanger shelf. This is a versatile piece of furniture that could work in various rooms. Also, with these 2 plain pieces of furniture, you have the freedom to dress them up to fit your style! Since they take up such little space, you could even change the decor from season to season.

Photo Collage

This is an excellent way to cover a lot of wall space with a minimal amount of money. It’s a classic look that’s adaptable from house to house and room to room.  If you’re moving away from family and friends, this is also a great way to keep them close. Hang your photos with Command strips and you’ll eliminate damage to your walls.

Hanging Signs

An easy way to warm up your house is to hang room-specific signs or quotes that you and your family enjoy. These are easily taken from place to place and will transfer the feeling of home to each new space.


Nothing says home like things you make yourself, such as a homemade wreath. Make a headboard for your bed, ask your soldier to help on a weekend project or have craft time with your little-ones. After all, home is where the heart is!

How do you spruce up military housing?


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