Lynsee Hee Kyeong shares her top 5 ways to lose belly fat in 7 days.  Check them out:

Drink water

Drink a glass of water before and after each meal.

Eat plenty of natural foods

Stick to fruits and veggies, organic meats and non-fat dairy.

Limit your sugar and salt intake

Sugars and alcohols definitely adds to that tummy pudge. Salts cause bloat.

Don’t eat past 8pm

If you do get hungry late night, stay away from processed foods.

Do 1 ab workout every day

If you don’t have time to do a full blown ab workout each day, try to do a short circuit workout or flex your ab muscles throughout the day. Also make sure to do plenty of full body exercises.   The thoughts and opinions posted here are solely those of the video’s creator and do not reflect the views of AAFMAA.

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