July 4th may be over, but don’t put away that grill just yet. Most of us consider grilling to be the best option when making healthy dietary choices. But, according to ThePostGame‘s Dr. Robin Miller, cooking foods over sizzling hot heat causes cancer-causing carcinogens. Grilling red meat, poultry, and even fish is linked to increased risk of a variety of cancers.

Here’s how to turn up your healthy living when turning up the heat on your cookouts:

  1. Go heavy on the veggies
  2. Use a marinade to lower the carcinogen levels
  3. Keep the heat low and the cooking time short
  4. Parcook foods first to greatly reduce carcinogen levels
  5. Leave the charred bits behind

Just because it hits the grill doesn’t make it healthy. Follow these tips to reduce the harmful chemicals and get some healthy grilling in before the warm weather’s over. Happy grilling!

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