If you’re already freelancing, looking for a new way to build your PCS-proof portable career or just want to earn some extra cash for a variety of skills you may have, Fiverr is a resource you should really check out!

Fiverr is a great resource to test out different ways to make money. There’s something for everyone on this funky website. No matter what your specialty may be, hobbies you may have, or even if you’re not skilled in anything you think people would actually pay for (like holding a sign or dancing in the street), it probably exists on Fiverr.

This is a place where people can sell legit skills or just have some fun while making $5 per ‘gig.’ But, there’s also add-ons you can offer to potential customers. It’s a great platform to network, meet potential regular clients and explore what people are willing to pay for goods and services.

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