Brandie has been a Marine girlfriend for over three years. In 2014 we shared a video of her explaining her experiences and some advice about how to deal with your significant other leaving for boot camp:

Before he leaves, spend as much time together as possible. Catch up with good friends and family. Consider throwing him a going away party. You may feel like you aren’t getting much one-on-one time together as you’d like; but be patient, a lot of people want to see him off.

They day he leaves will be a hectic day, so leave yourself enough time to get into the office early and don’t expect a lot of down time to sit around with your significant other. Don’t forget to send him off with a piece of paper with your address and phone number on it so he can start sending you letters when he arrives since they won’t be allowed to bring any tech devices with them. Letters during his absence will be priceless as they will be your main piece of communication over the next three months.  Stay positive and keep each other in the loop of what’s going on in your lives. Also, don’t forget your camera to take pictures of the beginning of his Military career!

Once he’s been shipped off to boot camp, you probably won’t hear from him until he’s arrived on location. If you’re married, you’ll get the call once he’s arrived. If you’re dating, his parents will receive the call and can then notify you. Several weeks later, you’ll receive (or his parents, in the case of unmarried couples) a document informing you of the graduation date so you’ll have plenty of time to make arrangements.

Try your best to make it to the boot camp family day and graduation. This is a big day in the life of your new Service Member — be encouraging! Don’t think he’s not excited when you first reunite – just remember that he’s still being watched and in uniform so he’ll really have to watch his actions. Once you get home, he’ll really open up!

And of course you’ll want to get your new graduate a gift! Get them something they haven’t had during their time at boot camp and a something they really love.

Brandie’s video is no longer available, but we found another Marine girlfriend, Tiara Michelle, with equally great advice and information. Check her out in the video above.
What advice do you have to share about prepping for or coping with boot camp?

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