Groceries are one piece of household budgeting that, with a bit of planning, can save your family a considerable amount of money. Grocery iQ is a tool which helps cost-conscious MilFams save while stocking up the pantry.

Make your weekly trip to the store more time efficient by using the ‘Organize items by aisle’ feature. Save favorites and review auto-suggest options to check out less expensive or alternate choices within the same store, or at stores nearby.

If you do the majority of your shopping at the commissary, but also enjoy checking out what’s on sale at specialty shops or local ethnic food markets, you can add multiple stores to your saved lists to see what you’ve purchased before or what you’d like to remember to look for.

For all you dedicated coupon cutters out there, you can even store, print or email coupons directly from the Grocery iQ app.

One of the coolest features of this app is the ability to scan barcodes. You can use this feature to build your grocery list, estimate the total cost of your shopping trip and create budgets.

Grocery iQ is free and available for download on iPhone, iPad and Android.

 What are some of your favorite money-saving apps?

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