A gratitude tree is the perfect Thanksgiving craft to bring some autumn warmth into your home while spending time thinking about the things in your life that you’re thankful for. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it. The tree can be made with a simple vase and some branches; but, it can also involve colored marbles in the vase, a ribbon around the vase or some pine cones and candy corn to tie in fall with winter. Feel free to bring in bare branches or incorporate some of the fall colors with branches that are still holding onto their leaves. If you’re looking for a simple centerpiece, or a festive side-table accessory, be sure to use smaller twigs and branches. For a bolder entry statement to your home, gather larger branches. If you want to incorporate leaves, but can’t find any branches that are still maintaining their color, collect the 2 separately and use the leaves as your labels. Write directly on them, or attach them to the tree with the labels. The tree is a great way to understand how fortunate you and your family are. It’s also a great conversation starter for Thanksgiving dinner; keeping the conversation focused on what the holiday is really about.   What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving crafts?

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