Selling your spare time can be fun and rewarding! Think of what you love and how you can monetize those hobbies.

Love photography? Start taking pictures at local events to get your name out in the community. Wedding, homecoming and baby photographers are in high demand, so start boosting your portfolio!

If you love baking, but don’t every have enough people to scarf down all those goodies regularly, start selling your treats! Develop a home bakery business, selling your goods online and throughout your community. Bake cakes for birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, quincea├▒eras, weddings, baby showers, bachelorette parties and any other event that obviously requires baked goods!

If you have tons of friends and other contacts with children, think about making money from childcare. Whether you’re available for daytime, evening and even weekend childcare, you’ll be able to make some extra bucks from the comfort of your home.

Being frugal is a hobby in itself for many people. There are blogs, books and careers dedicated to saving money. If you’re looking to become more frugal, another great way to start is by selling things your family no longer uses. For example, clothes, cookware and electronics can bring in some extra money instead of just sitting around, collecting dust and losing value.

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