If you’ve ever traveled with the little ones, you know it’s exhausting (as if traveling alone or as a couple isn’t tiring enough). Visiting grandparents, weddings and family vacations are just a few reasons why you may find yourself loading up the little ones and setting off.  But after all, knowledge is power, and Science of Mom has come up with 20 fabulous tips for traveling with the tots.

Let’s have a look at 5 of these tips you may have missed:

  • Wear your baby

If your child is at the age where strollers are still being used, do yourself a favor and just leave it at home. Baby carriers not only free up your hands to carry everything else, security will be a much smoother process to get through and your child will feel comfortable and safe close to you while they are in hectic, unfamiliar surroundings.

  • Dress your baby for easy diaper changes

Make sure your child’s clothes are as accessible for diaper changes as possible. This one of those tips that seems pretty obvious until the time comes when you have to make a quick diaper change in a cramped space.

  • Call the airline prior to your trip to make sure your child is registered appropriately.

If your baby is under two, then they should be registered as a lap-child.  If they are two or older, you will have to pay for a separate seat.  No matter how young your child is, they will have to have a boarding pass for each leg of the trip. Avoid these challenges in the comfort of your home so that your travels can go as smoothly as possible.

  • Opt for the longer layover

A layover will be your best friend when it comes to air travel.  Change any diapers and clothes that need to be changed.  Stock up on snacks and drinks. Play with the little ones, or give them a chance to run around and play.  Take some time to stretch out in an airport chair and re-organize belongings before the next part of the trip.

  • Feed on take-off and landing

You and/or flight attendants may not feel comfortable with feeding during take-off and landing. If you don’t feed during these times, make an effort to do so soon after so that you can help your child clear sinus pressure which often makes them fussy on flights.

Check out Science of Mom for more tips about traveling with babies and toddlers.

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