Temporary and part-time careers are ideal for some of our fabulous military spouses. Others prefer full-time, traditional employment; however, this isn’t always an option for families who are constantly moving around. As a group of people who understand the lifestyle that comes with the territory of being a MilSpouse, our friends at AAFMAA have brought an opportunity to our attention that could allow you to build a gratifying career, no matter where you are or how often you move around.

The Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE), the National Military Family Association and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation have joined forces to develop the FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Accredited Financial Counselor Fellowship.

If you’re interested in beginning or furthering your career in finance, we think this is an excellent opportunity for you.

So what is an accredited financial counselor?

They help individuals and families work through complex financial decision-making. As a financial counselor, you would support these individuals, offering educational information, advice to pay-off and prevent future debt, and break bad habits that often happen when managing money.

How does the program work?

As a distance learning program, you are able to work through the program at your own pace.  Some of the course topics include Financial Counseling, Debt Management and Personal Finance.  You have the flexibility to schedule exams at your convenience which is always a great detail for busy MilSpouses. The practicum also provides freedom of scheduling at your pace and a many options for activities to gain your hours.

Financial counseling employment opportunities are on the rise. Credit unions, banks, savings and loan associations, financial aid programs, consumer finance companies and credit bureaus are just a few employment options for accredited financial counselors.

The Accredited Financial Counselor Program is funded by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation. Any current spouse (or surviving spouse) of a service member (including the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is eligible to apply to take part in the program for free.

Check out the eligibility requirements and FAQs for this program.

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