Since 1879, AAFMAA has stood with our active duty service members, and has helped them look out for their families.  We recognize that our active duty Soldiers, Airman, Marines and Sailors have sacrificed dearly to serve our country and continue to serve during this period of stress and uncertainly.

AAFMAA provides benefits to help the American Armed Forces with finances today and with insurance to ensure their families security for the future.  Through our Career Assistance Program (CAP), AAFMAA offers a short-term, $4,000 loan at a 1.5% interest rate for eligible, active duty personnel in the ranks of E-5 to E-9, WO1, CW2 and O-1 to O-3.

To get started, please call an AAFMAA Advisor at 1-877-398-2263 or or get more information from our website:

Program features:

  • One-time $4,000 loan at 1.5% APR
  • 48-month repayment schedule through the military allotment system
  • No penalty for early repayment
  • Loan proceeds provided through a free checking account at Armed Forces Bank
  • Provided for AAFMAA member with $250,000 of Term or $50,000 of Value-Added Whole Life insurance (similar to SGLI, but with lower premiums)
  • Must be able to initiate a government allotment


AAFMAA is a non-profit, member-focused association that has served the American Armed Forces since 1879.  Its insurance experts do not work on commission, but provide no-pressure, objective assessments of what is in the best interest of you and your family.


John Sledgianowski is an AAFMAA Benefits Advisor.


Have you found a great way to save money? What budgeting tips have helped you organize your family’s finances? Share your financial story, resource or advice to inform your fellow MilSpouses.

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