It’s easy to get distracted, financially; paying off credit cards and making bill payments your first priority. Then there’s car maintenance, stuff for the kiddos and impulse buys you can’t live without.

If the money is in your checking account, it will find a way to disappear one way or another. That’s why it’s always important to pay yourself first.


There are always expenses you can anticipate down the road…and some you can’t. Make sure you’re putting money away for college funds, retirement and rainy days. You can plan for those ‘what if’ moments by paying yourself before you take stock of what’s in your bank account to carry you through to the next pay period.

Odds are, that if you’ve put away a percentage of your most recent pay check, paid the bills and purchased the necessities, then you’ll be more responsible with the remainder. And, you may even come to find that saving money can become habitual. That’s a habit you won’t feel pressure to break!

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