If you’re ready to make this the brightest, healthiest year ever, now is a great time to get to it. Feeling fit in 2016 (and every year!) is all about eating well, proper nutrition, restful sleep and a great attitude. Here are a few tips on how to get there.

To begin with…

Set your goals: Do you want to lose weight or just tone up?

Plan your attack: Join a gym, buy videos or tune into a fitness channel on YouTube.

Keep it healthy: Losing weight or toning up only addresses part of who you are. Eating healthy foods, giving your mind room to grow, pursuing activities you enjoy and remaining positive make all the difference.

Stay focused: Once you make your plan, stay with it. Even if you have to start slow to motivate yourself… just keep at it. You will get where you want to be.

Remember to play it smart…

You shouldn’t start any fitness or dietary program without consulting a professional, such as a personal trainer, nutritionist and, of course, your doctor. Also be sure to set real goals that you have a chance of reaching. Once you’ve successfully¬†reached your initial objectives, you can plot out your next move — either to maintain or increase your health. Every day counts, so make each one a great one!

What are your favorite workout tips? Let us know by commenting below or clicking “Tell Your Story“.

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