Father’s day is only 10 days away! Whether your spouse is at home, in training or deployed, we’ve got you covered with this adorable craft you can help your kids make for dad’s special day. The video was created for Mother’s Day inspiration, but it’s a perfect gift for military dads. This small and meaningful homemade craft can be taken with them anywhere they go.  Tuck it into a deployment care package or let the kids give it to dad the morning of June 16th.

What you’ll need

  • Pre-made foam, wood or plastic frame of your choice
  • Finger paint or ink pad
  • Felt tip permanent pens
  • Photo of your choice


  1. Dip your child’s thumb in paint or ink (wipe off any globs of excess paint)
  2. Apply as many finger prints as you like on the frame
  3. Add details to the thumbprints to transform them into bumble bees or butterflies (or any cute little creatures of your choice)
  4. Be sure to add a message on the back – if your little one is old enough to write it themselves, this is a super sweet idea
  5. Add your picture to the frame, and there you have it!

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