As an actress on the hit show Law and Order and blogger for, Elisabeth Rohm lives her life in the public eye.  After coming to the realization that she and many other women struggle with infertility, she decided to share her story in a new book: “Baby Steps,” which is now available in stores.

Rohm had a strong desire to be a mother, making the infertility diagnosis hard to swallow. Talking with others and sharing her story has helped her cope with the news. The success of in-vitro fertilization eventually allowed her to become the mom she’s always wanted to be to her now 4-year old daughter Easton.

But, the journey wasn’t simply about pregnancy; she uses this book as a medium to delve into issues such as spirituality, love and happiness in an effort to find the answer in IVF.

Her honesty and warmth empathize with other women and couples going through similar circumstances.  Through the bumps in the road along the way, emotional highs and lows, you can feel her joy and pain.

Whether you’re thinking of having kids one day or already have a full house, this book is a touching and honest example of women and families joining together to share their support.

If you or someone you know is struggling with infertility, start your journey for answers at

Pick up “Baby Steps” today! It’s definitely worth a read.

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