Every season brings special events that inspire you to look your best — from holidays to birthday bashes, to formal military balls and events and more. But just as the seasons change, your hair can go from flat to frizzy to whatever the mood of the weather happens to be from one day to the next. If you want to protect your precious locks from dreaded dryness, you’re in luck. Guest blogger Viki Howell shared expert tips from around the web that highlight the optimal ways to stave off dry, lifeless hair so you can enjoy looking and feeling gorgeous all year long!

The problem:

Your hair becomes dry when it lacks moisture and nutrients, which are vital for normal hair growth. As a result you have brittle, dull and thin locks. Dry hair isn’t only unmanageable, it also looks weak and lacks volume. And if you have chronic dry hair, it can lead to hair loss and even dandruff. 

The remedy:

Treat your hair well every day by adding moisture and using hair products and appliances with caution. Here are five essential tips that will help you win the battle against dry hair.


Shampooing Hair
Washing your hair too frequently can cause more damage than you realize because it strips away the natural oils your scalp produces. In fact, it is the main cause of hair dryness.


Conditioner for Hair
After shampooing, regular conditioning is the key to healthy and hydrated hair. Treat your locks right and you will be able to maintain its moisture balance. Conditioners moisturize and nourish your strands from the inside and it prevent residual dryness from shampooing alone.


Dry Hair Naturally
Natural drying has many advantages, and keeping your hair healthy is one of them. So put away your blow dryer and enjoy the healthy benefits of air-drying. Every once in a while, comb your fingers through your hair to fluff it up. You may be surprised how voluminous and wavy your hair becomes.


Style Wands for Hair
The best way to combat heat damage and that causes dryness is to minimize the use of heated appliances that damage your hair and can lead to even more serious problems. Although heat-protection serums and sprays reduce the harm, your hair still takes a beating. Think about more gentle ways to style your hair, such as through curlers or braids.


Essential Oils for Hair
If your hair is damaged and you don’t feel your conditioner is providing your hair with enough moisture, essential oils may be a great way to add in that extra component that is missing. Just a few drops per application can contain the needed moisture and nourishment. They also smell fabulous. So, if you can find one you like the most, you get the bonus of enjoying its scent all day long.

As you can see, fighting dry hair may take a little time, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Just follow the tips above with products that match your hair type and needs and you will begin to notice a beautiful difference: healthy, thick and shiny hair.

Please share your secrets for luscious locks with us by commenting below.

About Victoria Howell
Victoria is from Brooklyn, New York, and a graduate of NY University with a degree in Arts and Sciences. She enjoys many hobbies, but the one she finds most interesting is writing. She started writing as a child, including articles for her school newspaper. She then began to create short stories while at the university. Now, she lends her skills to writing blog posts about haircuts, hair care and hair styling for men and women. You can find more of her tips and other information on hairsalonprestige.com.

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