Having been through this dilemma of changing careers herself, Dr. Betsey Blakeslee offers advice to MilSpouses trying to pursue a career.

She offers two helpful pieces of advice:

  1. It is critical that you not focus too hard on career planning. As a military spouse, change is almost guaranteed. Focus on skill building at your present job. Embrace your job in your present situation. If you’re satisfied with your current position and circumstances, you won’t focus on upcoming changes and you’ll be able to commit to your work and produce the best results possible.
  2. The most important thing you can do for yourself, is to learn how to care for your mental health. Make time for yourself that refreshes and energizes you. As you progress in your career, maintaining mental health reflects not only on your work life, it will also reflect on your personal life.

What MilSpouse career advice has helped you?

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