Do It On A Dime Family shares a super successful dollar store haul full of party ideas and educational activities to enjoy with your toddler!

Your local dollar store is THE place to get creative with educational activities that can be fun and interactive for your little one to learn and play without spending tons of money. Check out the video to get the details on a variety of great $1 finds and how to transform them into fun and educational games! The activities highlighted in the video include:

  • Birthday cake toppers
  • Birthday activity ideas
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Bingo markers for coloring
  • Book rings for flashcards
  • Lace and learn activities
  • Fly swatters to play color and shape games
  • Character and number puzzles
  • Sticker books (fun activity for vocabulary lessons)
  • Jumbo pad of paper
  • Socks!

The great thing about dollar store finds is that you don’t have to feel guilty about getting rid of them once they’ve served their purpose. You will reduce clutter around your house and keep providing new and useful educational materials for your little one to benefit from!

What are some of your favorite dollar store finds?

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