Schools are about to be back in session. Make the first day of a new school year fun and memorable with these 3 DIY projects from The Mama Mixer! The first project is making lunch personal! Pick up some plastic food-safe containers, blank stickers and chalkboard markers. Pack a healthy and delicious meal for your kids’ lunch. Write fun messages on the stickers so your kids will have some sweet messages when they dig into their lunch room treats! Busy parents can ease the chaos of getting the kids ready for school each morning by laying out the week’s clothes over the weekend. Lay out 6 hangers. Create a flag on the neck of the hanger with duct tape. Using label stickers, label each flagged hanger with a day of the school week. Lay out and hang up the week’s outfits for each day so your morning routine will be a breeze. A lot of thought and effort goes into getting the kiddos ready for their first day of the new school year. New outfit. New routine. New…everything! You don’t want to cover it all up with a sign they’ll hold in front of them while posing for a picture. Using foam board, decorative borders, tape,¬†paper letters and any other decorations to create a frame for first day photo fun! Enjoy the new school year!

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