oncewed has developed a beautiful and unique centerpiece or party decor idea that is sure to liven up any table at your wedding and brighten up any party you throw. This fun and easy craft will be the envy of all your guests, and you can’t really beat making it for $7!

So, get your bridesmaids together because this makes a great girls’ night activity.

What you’ll need


  1. Line the bottom each glass jar with moss.
  2. Trim each branch so that it fits comfortably into the jar.
  3. Cutting through several layers at a time, cut 3 different sized circles from the tissue paper.
  4. Creating the paper flowers: layer one of each of the 3 sizes on top of each other, pinch the papers in the center of the largest one, gently twist the bottom to begin shaping the flower, smooth the paper so the flowers don’t wrinkle
  5. Add 3 pompoms to the center of each flower with the hot glue gun.
  6. Add the flowers to the branches by adding a small drop of hot glue to the nub in the back of each flower.

Click here for a full photo tutorial.

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