Have a teen boy who could use a more inspiring space to spend his time in? Just like girls, guys need to be surrounded by the things that show how unique they are — from what they enjoy doing in their spare time to their hobbies and their interests. Color plays a big role in boys’ rooms, giving them a warm eclectic space, a vibrant energetic space, or a cool and casual vibe. So we’ve rounded up a few helpful videos to inspire you and your teen boys to take a leap forward into creating signature rooms everyone will want to hang out in — but may never be allowed to enter!

Striking and Sophisticated

Clean lines, fresh colors, interesting shapes and innovative thinking can add new dimension and personality to your boys’ personal space. Throw in quirky accessories, full wall murals, and various types of fabric for texture to create an amazing zone to chill in. See what MrNiceIdea suggests.

Sports, Singing and Solitude

Check out these awesome rooms for your DIY renovation from Grig Stamate. There are décor ideas for athletes, musicians, soldiers-in-the-making, and every personality in between. Whether you live near the beach, in the city, or off the beaten path, these rooms will spark at least a few ideas for creating a unique space that’s cozy, inspiring and one of a kind.


Classic Clean-Up

If your guys’ space is already awesome, maybe it just needs a quick, simple fix-up. Ryan Allen shares his personal tips for tackling the clean-up job in his own room. See how he organizes clothes and accessories to keep everything in its place.


Do you have any design or décor tips to share for the guys in your life? Please comment below or click on “Tell Your Story“.

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