missmollyanne14 has got your summer menu ready to go with these 4 unique, delicious, healthy and super summery recipes. Whether you’re looking for healthy snacks that are easy to prepare or party foods for your next cookout, these versatile foods will make you hungry for some healthy eats!

Let’s start things off with a watermelon refresher. Three ingredients and a blender are all you’ll need to quench your thirst on a sunny summer day. This recipe only requires coconut water, flavored sparkling water and fresh watermelon. Blend up the watermelon and coconut water, pour over the sparkling water and enjoy the lightly fizzy summer drink.

Or, start out your day with an acai bowl. To whip up this mega-healthy breakfast, all you’ll need are some acai packs, coconut milk, yogurt, mixed fruit, granola and coconut flakes. Blend the acai packs, coconut milk and yogurt until smooth. Top with fruit, granola and coconut flakes. Now that’s a power breakfast!

On to a funky kebab snack! Frozen yogurt grape kebabs are the perfect way for adults and kids to beat the summer heat. Skewer grapes, roll the kebabs in yogurt and freeze for 30-40 minutes. And voila! Icy treats!

Fruit salsa is the last (but certainly not least) summer snacking recipe you’ll need for the dog days of summer! Grab a bag of cinnamon sugar pita chips, fruit, honey and lemon juice to prep this snack. Mince the fruit, stir in some lemon juice and honey. Dig in with the sweet pita chips and bam! Your life will change for the better.

These recipes are everything. Summer = conquered!

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