What better time to transform those old, worn-out jeans into cute, patriotic shorts?! This July 4th is the perfect time to re-purpose denim shorts that are sure to grab the attention of everyone at this year’s cookout or fireworks show. Sccastaneda has a great YouTube tutorial for American flag shorts you’ll love to make as much as you’ll love to show off!

What you’ll need

How to create U.S.A. glam

  1. Apply the tape along the seams of the shorts, making the front side an open canvas
  2. Place a flat layer of napkins or paper towels inside the shorts to prevent the paint from bleeding through
  3. Spray a layer of white fabric paint on the front side of the shorts. Use the brush to spread the paint evenly across the fabric
  4. Let the shorts dry overnight
  5. Use the tape to create stripes on the right side of the shorts
  6. Spray red paint on the open denim sections (Spray from directly above to prevent paint from running under the tape). Even out paint with the paint brush
  7. On the left side, add the star-shaped stickers to the denim
  8. Spray on blue paint (Spray the paint from directly above)
  9. If you want to add a vintage look, blot some of the paint with a paper towel while it’s still wet
  10. Let the shorts dry for 24 hours
  11. Add any distressing features you like using scissors, razors or tweezers
  12. Wash separately & enjoy!
  To see what else Sccastaneda is up to in the hair, make-up and fashion world on YouTube, or check out her blog.

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