Need a pre-springtime pick-me-up for your humble abode? Try a few sparkly mirror DIY projects that will add reflective, uplifting light, shine, and glamorous details to your everyday living. And posh doesn’t have to mean pricey. All of these projects are quick, easy (okay, some are more time-consuming than others), and are made to fit your budget. Also, these changes are easy to make whether you’re living in a permanent location or just passing through your current military home.

Take a look at these simple, beautiful designs we found on YouTube, by April Bee, Christine Kobzeff, and LagunaBeachLove10. They share step-by-step instructions and hints on how to get right what they may have gotten wrong. From classic to modern, there is inspiration here for every home decor style!

5 Ways to Add Mirrors Into Your Home Décor:

Mirrored Dresser

Wake up to the subtle glow of sunshine shimmering off your nightstand or dresser each morning.
This project uses an affordable IKEA dresser as the base, and a trip to your local home and craft stores will take care of the rest of the supplies. Put it together, give it adequate time to dry and you’ll be enjoying this beautiful glimmering piece of furniture that rivals top designer style in no time… on a dime. Click to watch the tutorial.

Mirrored Nightstand

Mirrored Vanity

Not enough light reflecting on your face when you put on your makeup?
Love the idea of dolling yourself up amidst an ambiance of classic Hollywood glamour? Want a pretty place to keep your perfumes and nail accessories? This dressing table is created from scratch, but you could probably repurpose one with a fancy update that involves nothing more than paint and mirror squares. Click to watch the tutorial.

Mirrored Vanity

Leaning Floor Mirror

Depending on your skills, this project may look easier than it is… or more difficult.
Essentially, it involves nothing more than attaching an existing door-sized mirror to an oversized plank of wood, and then adding more trimmed wood as the frame. Apply stain, apply whitewash, and call it done… and gorgeous! Plus, it’s much less costly than buying a large, ready-made floor mirror. Give it a shot. Click to watch the tutorial.

Leaning Mirror

Sequin Shade

As if flipping on a light switch to shine a light on your room wasn’t enough… there is this glistening lamp that glitters and shines before you even plug it in. Starting with a shiny base is just part of the overall effect. Wrapping the shade in sequin fabric puts the look totally over the top. This may just be the easiest project of all, with a stunning effect. Click to watch the tutorial.

Sequin Lampshade

Mosaic Mirror

Just when you thought the lampshade project was easy…
you went to the dollar store, bought $12 worth of mirror squares and put them all together to create this fashion-forward mosaic mirror. Place it over a mantel, on a bedside table, on the wall… wherever you place it, it will add extra light, style and compliments to your life. Click to watch the tutorial.

Mosaic Mirror - Cover

Add Even More Glitz and Glamour

Try these 20 Mercury glass DIY projects that will help you turn ordinary objects into shimmery statement pieces.

Now inspire us! What would you do with an ordinary mirror to transform it into something extraordinary? Let us know by commenting below.

More Ways to Decorate Your Home:


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