I’ve always liked to avoid deployment and just act like it isn’t happening, LOL. Everyone can handle things differently, but this is my way. I have to place this in the back of my mind or else I become consumed with the fact that he isn’t here and I’m alone. Yes you have your friends and family, but there will always be those moments of loneliness. You just spent the day with you girlfriend and your on your way home, take out your phone, and realize you don’t have to call your loved one to tell them you’re on your way home. Or flying back home you realize you won’t have him waiting to pick you up at the airport. You know what else was weird for me?

Grocery shopping!

I get so lonely grocery shopping. That was our Sunday thing to do together. Plan our meals for the next two weeks and had a feeling of accomplishment when we got back because that was the ONLY thing we had to do and then it was lazy time! Lol, anyone else have these moments?!

These days cannot be avoided and sometimes you just need to have a good cry. I felt stupid knowing that he’s over there serving our country and I’m here feeling sorry for myself, but not anymore. This is IOK! My husband says if he didn’t hear me in an emotional state, he’d be worried. 🙂

Have your sad moment and then you can move on. Don’t engulf yourself in your sadness.  It will only make time slower.

Many more stories to come and I’m excited to see what other have to say on here. We all have something to contribute and can learn from one another.

Until next time!…

About Jeni

I’m currently stationed on Camp Pendleton and I’ve been affiliated with the Military my entire life, specifically the Marines. Not only am I married to a Marine, but my father and father-in-law are both Marine Vets. I’ve known my husband since I was three years old because our fathers served together. My husband is currently deployed in  Afghanistan and is scheduled to return home in September.


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