Everyone loves mail. Well, almost everyone. It depends on what it is, really. If it’s a box or envelope filled with wonderful surprises, that can convey the best feeling of all. When the one you love is far away due to a deployment, not only will they feel great receiving something from you… putting together a package filled with items from home, shared experiences between you two and more is fun and cathartic for you! But… where to begin?

Pinterest provides great, creative ideas for just about any project, including care packages to send to your loved ones on deployment. Thanks to Pinterest, we recently found a great way to send some love to your love when deployed.

A creative and inexpensive care package alternative to send over, all you’ll need is a marker, a pile of envelopes, photos and creativity. Develop a series of themed envelopes based on a variety of emotions or moods. For example:

  • Open when…you need to know how much I love you
  • Open when…you need to know how much I miss you
  • Open when…you need to hear a funny story
  • Open when…you’ve had a great day
  • Open when…you’re lonely

Inside each envelope, share stories of what’s going on in your life, some of your fondest memories with your service member, goals for what lies ahead with them when they return and recent photos and keepsakes that will warm their heart.

A letter created just for a lonely day or when they need a little boost will mean more than anything else in the world. That is, until they see your face again when they arrive home from deployment.

Check out the SpouseLink Pinterest page for ideas on deployment care packages for every season… and more.


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