There’s a new trend popping up around the country and across YouTube. “Smoking” alcohol is the newest social trend and weight-loss fad affecting teens and adults throughout the U.S. Pouring liquor over dry ice creates a vapor that, when inhaled, will have the same effect as alcoholic drinks, only much quicker. It sounds like a great technique for anyone who doesn’t like alcoholic drinks or those trying to lose or watch their weight.  Sorry to bust your bubble, but there are still calories involved when breathing in the vapor. But, is it really more dangerous than having a drink? Inhaling alcohol is a problematic trend for several reasons:
  1. Alcohol and lung tissue don’t work well together and may cause breathing issues in the future. You may be cutting a few calories, but is it really worth it if you develop chronic lung problems?
  2. Dry ice, when inhaled, could burn or damage the lung tissue.
  3. It’s much harder to prevent alcohol poisoning. Even if you aren’t a big drinker, you probably have some idea about how much you can drink (or should drink) without suffering the results tomorrow. Inhaling alcohol makes the effect instantaneous and negative effects harder to prevent. Your body has no way to expel the alcohol when it’s absorbed through the lungs (rather than the stomach), making alcohol poisoning a much more realistic outcome.
  4. Health professionals warn that the instant and powerful effects may lead to more cases of alcohol addiction.
This is becoming an increasingly popular trend among teens and young adults.  Sure, it’s innovative and creative, but it’s also careless and dangerous. Talk to your kids – encourage them to stay away from this trendy new experiment.

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