We found a fun deployment activity for little ones while a parent or loved one is away on a deployment. In this uncredited image we found on Pinterest, “Daddy Mail” could easily be replaced with “Mommy Mail,” “Jason Mail” or whatever title you’d like to add.

Anyway, this simple tool could help you and your spouse explain to your tots that an important figure in their life is leaving for a while. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with them.

Each time your child wants to talk to the deployed loved one, they can simply write them a letter (with your help should they need it) or draw them a picture.

Once a week, mail the envelope of letters and messages. Include a few of your own messages and encouraging words, and a few from family and friends to let them know that just because they’re gone for now, it doesn’t mean that they’re not an active part of the family and all that’s going on back home.

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