Prescription: More wedding bells. (See what we did there?)

Or… simply watch the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle live this weekend, on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

Even if you’re not caught up in the whirl of royal romance, you still may want to tune in to gather ideas for your own wedding, or that of someone you know. Not necessarily the idea about hiring an open carriage to whisk you away after the ceremony, or having the event televised for all the world to share, or getting royal family approval on all of the details of your relationship, etc… But the other usual trimmings: decor, gown, cake, hair, bridesmaid dresses, and the like.

First things first.

If you’d like to watch the event live, coverage will begin as early as 4am, EST, U.S. on a variety of news channels (the wedding takes place at Noon in London). Here are our top 3 choices:

  • BBC America — A classic selection for all things British. Although this presentation is likely to be rather buttoned-up, you’re welcome to stay in your pajamas.
  • HBO — If you’d like to start your day off with “Cord and Tish” (Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon), presenting the event with a little wedding comedy.
  • PBS — Check out the website now for the countdown and schedule of wedding-related shows leading up to the big moment. Then catch the wedding live on Saturday morning.

Looking for even more royal wedding-related news and information? Check out and the UK’s Telegraph.

Why should you watch?

No, not just for the wedding ideas… but also because it’s a special moment that many have been anticipating for many, many years — since we all first watched the televised broadcast of Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding in 1981… followed by the births of their two sons in 1982 and 1984… followed by watching the young princes grow up and experience their own notoriety… followed by Lady Diana’s untimely death in 1997… and then Prince William’s marriage to Catherine Middleton in 2011… and the birth of their three children…

It’s finally Prince Harry’s turn to enjoy true love and romance forever after with American Meghan Markle, the girl who has finally won his heart.

Who’s in the royal wedding party?

If you recall, when Prince William married Catherine Middleton, her sister Pippa practically stole the show in her slinky white Maid of Honor dress. What (or who) will we be watching this time?

According to Vanity Fair, the wedding party for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle consists of 10 members, including Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and other children close to Meghan and Prince Harry in the roles of bridesmaids and page boys. Prince William will serve as Best Man.

What’s in it for you?

Oh, just a little royal romance, that’s all. It’s no secret that many a young lady has grown up wishing to one day be a princess and marrying the man of her dreams (a.k.a. Prince Charming). Hallmark Channel is rife with all manner of TV movies catering to this royally romantic idea.

But you know as well as we do… to be quite honest… that our Military heroes all deserve that title… beyond being born into it. They have earned it through their actions, courage, patriotism and so much more. We would be remiss, however, if we didn’t point out that Prince William served in the British Armed Forces. Similarly, Prince Harry also served in the British Army for a decade. So these two royal men do know what it means to serve their country and citizens with the courage and honor of a military career.

But it is still fun to dream about the ball gowns and tiaras sometimes. And to see all the creatively fancy fascinators (hats) worn by the female guests. So… why not channel your inner diva and tune in!

Royal wedding inspiration you can use anytime:

You are cordially invited to try all of these ideas… and to let us know what you would do to create an event fit for a princess!

While you can’t (necessarily) wear these to the gym,
they may work for a prom or an annual Military ball:

Whip up a hairstyle fit for a princess, courtesy of The Small Things.
Yes, you can wear this look at the gym. Why not?!

Have your royal cake and eat it, too — traditional or otherwise.

Allergies aside, gorgeous, colorful bouquets of flowers always add
a fresh sense of beauty wherever you place them.

More wedding planning tools:


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