Soooo… I’d like to discuss the hilarious crying sessions us women have during deployments. What is it about when things don’t work appropriately or when you lose something, it turns into a crying session?!

Feeling like the world is ending (completely over-reacting…what’s new). Lol.

A couple days after my husband left, I’m about leave the house and realize one my earrings fell out. These earrings were given to me by my husband for Christmas last year so that didn’t help the emotional factor. I’m looking everywhere for 15 minutes then blaming my dog because she may have swallowed it. The emotions were piling up and I just broke into sobs. I laugh about it now because it was 100% emotional of that fact that he wasn’t there, not even about the earring. Oh the joys of deployment.

I did end up finding it by the way. 🙂

Just a thought I had today.


About Jeni

I’m currently stationed on Camp Pendleton and I’ve been affiliated with the Military my entire life, specifically the Marines. Not only am I married to a Marine, but my father and father-in-law are both Marine Vets. I’ve known my husband since I was three years old because our fathers served together. My husband is currently deployed in  Afghanistan and is scheduled to return home in September.

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