Everyone needs “a room of one’s own”. These days, men get their Man Caves, often filled with military or sports memorabilia and a well-stocked bar. But there’s another trend out there for the ladies: Moms are also getting their Mom Caves. (Some even get She Sheds.) Taking time for one’s self is a trend worth following to counteract the effects of taking on too many work tasks, driving kids to school and other activities, going on shopping trips, and visiting family and friends.

We all deserve a retreat every now and then — on a regular basis — to shift our focus onto our own health and well-being. But how do you do it? It’s easy. Just think of your favorite things, because creating a “Mom Cave” — it’s all about you!

Granted, while it’s great to have a room to dedicate to yourself — if you happen to have a spare one available — it’s not mandatory. In smaller spaces, even a cozy nook will do. Just be sure that everything you put in it makes you feel good. Do you like to watch rom-coms? Then your room should include a TV and DVDs. Are you the crafty type? Add in a sewing machine and crafting table. Is music your passion? Put in a sound system. Like to meditate and workout? Be sure to include a yoga mat and serene decor.

Whatever it is that makes you, you… that’s what should be in your MilSpouse Mom Cave (or Corner). And, yes, you can put up a sign that says “No Kids or Men Allowed” if you like. You make the rules for your own unique space! All design esthetics and color schemes should be a reflection of you.

Need some decorating tips and ideas? Check out this collection we found. Then start claiming your space!

What’s your favorite way to spend your personal time? We’d love to hear what your Mom Cave would include! Just comment below or click on “Tell Your Story“.

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