Kristin Ayyar was inspired to write Countdown ’til Daddy Comes Home when she was unable to find books and resources to help her 4-year old daughter cope with her father’s deployment to Afghanistan. Although there were resources out there, there wasn’t anything that would suite their situation. Ayyar wrote this book to help families affiliated with all branches of the military who are facing the deployment of a loved one – not just MilKids.  She takes on issues like staying connected during deployments and provides questions and topics to discuss with kids so that they are able to better understand what’s going on and to better deal with a parent’s ‘trip.’ The most important messages we found within this informative, supportive and inspiring work is to prepare as a family, and get creative in incorporating a deployed parent into everyday life through focused activities. Beautiful illustrations by Melissa Bailey really bring the story to life! To see what others are saying about this book, to read more about Kristin Ayyar or to get more deployment advice and activities, visit You can also get a Kindle or hardcover copy of the book on Amazon.

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