Do military spouses get education benefits? The answer is a resounding “yes!” There are a lot of them available, including financial aid for military spouses. Between the many discounts, scholarships, and other programs, it can be challenging to keep track of all the MilSpouse benefits available to you. Plus, they all have their unique rules and requirements, which means you have to be educated on those before being educated on the topic you wish to pursue . To help make it easier — and ensure you get access to as many of the military spouse education benefits as possible — we’ve compiled information on some of those options and their requirements for you to review.

3 Types of Military Spouse Education Benefits

1. Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts

If you’re looking for financial aid for military spouses, this is a great place to start. MyCAA is a tuition assistance and advancement program enabling successful military spouse careers. As a military spouse through MyCAA, you can get up to $4000 over two years of financial help. This is applicable if you’re pursuing a license, certification, or an Associate’s degree. To apply, simply go to the MyCAA website to create an account and explore your education options.

2. Military Discounts

While they may not be available everywhere, a lot of schools and programs offer a military discount to active and retired military personnel as well as their spouses. Do some quick research to identify military-friendly colleges where you can get substantial percentages off your tuition. Most schools that offer military discounts will display this prominently on the military-specific pages of their website. If you don’t see any military discounts listed, feel free to reach out to the establishment and ask what they have available.

3. Scholarships and Grants

Some of the best financial aid for military spouses comes in the form of scholarships or grants. These are similar to military discounts in that the amount of aid can vary from school to school. A lot of third-party organizations offer various grants and scholarships to help military spouses advance their careers. There are hundreds of various scholarships and grants available, all for different criteria, needs, goals, and even branches of the military.

How to Get Military Spouse Education Benefits

Step 1: Create a MyCAA and MySECO Account

Creating your MyCAA account will help you gain access to tuition assistance for a wide variety of programs and education options. A MySECO account is the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program available to provide career counseling services. You get 24/7 access to education and career information, including assessments, tools, and resources to help you build your career and learn the best education and career choices for you. This can help you learn about quality education programs for you, while also helping you find the right aid.

Step 2: Check Out Installation Education Centers

All military spouses have access to Installation Education Centers. These centers have education counselors ready to help assist you with any local education programs and opportunities available. They can also help you find scholarships, other military assistance programs, and help you select the best school for your goals.

Step 3: Take Advantage of the GI Bill

Military members that have served and elected not to use their Post 9/11 or Forever GI Bill are allowed to transfer that bill to their spouse. They may transfer all or part of the bill in whatever way they choose. Keep in mind that the amount of assistance received from the bill is determined by the amount of time they served in the military.

Step 4: Look at Branch-Specific Military Spouse Education Benefits

You can find scholarships, grants, and other education programs available for every branch of the military. Here are a few to consider in the different branches:

Air Force

Learn more about air force military education benefits here.


Coast Guard

Marines & Navy

Don’t Put Off Your Education

Finding the best military spouse education benefits may feel overwhelming at first, but it’s important to look into all your options of financial aid for military spouses to ensure your education is as accessible as possible. 

Never hesitate to use the education benefits available to you. Financial aid for military spouses is designed to make completing your education easier.

Education Tips for Military Spouses:

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