This is a great craft for kids to work on with their friends, and is versatile since it’s appropriate for kids 5-12 years old. Sleepover crafts are often a tough subject. You want something that’s not too messy or time consuming. Your kids want something colorful and trendy. If you’re looking for a great sleepover activity that doesn’t leave any room for a catastrophic mess (like tie-dye projects…), ArtDaniela has an awesome idea for flower garlands. With plenty of creative freedom, kids can make these garlands with their friends anytime.  Then, hang them on a fort or around your child’s room for the evening. The kiddos can take this craft home to decorate their own bedrooms the following day. Quick. Easy. Affordable. Your kids will love these, and they provide minimal prep and clean-up for you! ‘Nuff said!   What are some of your favorite kids’ crafts?

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