Coaching Into Care is a national service through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs providing free guidance for veterans, and their families, who are looking for mental health resources and help. If you are looking for VA treatment facilities, information about enrollment procedures or effective ways to talk about tough issues with your veteran, this resource was built for you. It’s not always easy to talk to your veteran about getting the help they need. If you are looking for helpful advice about discussing these tough issues, social workers and psychologists are just a call away.  The trained coaches can help you with issues such as PTSD, family reintegration, combat stress, depression and substance abuse. To begin the healing process, discuss solutions openly with your veteran and family. Let them know you’re on board to help them get better. Veterans in a fragile state of mind need loved ones to be patient and considerate about their struggles. Be encouraging without being pushy. They have to want to seek help to effectively work towards the road to recovery.  Coaching Into Care can also guide you through the process of gently encouraging your veteran to seek help. If you are looking for information about VA care, effectively communicating with your veteran or mental health information, we encourage you to utilize this free resource. If you are still unsure if this tool will help you with your veteran’s situation, take their online quiz to see if their services apply to your needs.

How to contact a coach

You or your veteran can contact Coaching Into Care Monday – Friday 8am-8pm ET at      (888) 823-7458 or by email at [email protected].

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