Got a free weekend coming up? Okay, how about just a few free hours this weekend? Great! Take advantage of the time to rethink your storage solutions. When spring comes, your housecleaning won’t be so time-consuming. These clever weekend organizing tips will have helped you everything together right now, right?

Here is a sample of the full list of 50 Brilliant Storage Ideas we found on Listotic to help you start now:

  • Use a CD rack to hold plastic container lids.
  • Attach drawer organizers to your bathroom cabinet to hold small items.
  • Re-purpose an egg carton as a drawer organizer.
  • Line up curtain rods to hold rolls of wrapping paper.
  • Hold household products in the pockets of shoe organizers.
  • Ice trays can hold your jewelry or craft supplies.
  • Re-imagine a wine bottle holder as a towel rack.

The list goes on and on. Check it out, then share your own ideas with us. Comment below.


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