Young kids do it. Teenagers do it. College kids do it. Even adults are taking the cinnamon challenge that has been around for years. YouTube shows evidence of those who think they’ll be able be the one to walk away victorious; but in reality, nobody wins. Watch the Mythbusters video above to see what it’s all about. The fine cinnamon powder dries out your mouth making it very hard to swallow, not to mention the burning sensation that comes with it.  There are thousands of videos online showing all kinds of responses…none of which are good. A new study says that a large number of calls to poison control involve the cinnamon challenge. Burning and mouth inflammation aren’t the only side-effects; some people have been treated for collapsed lungs, and it can get even worse. Cellulose occurs naturally in cinnamon, and when the cinnamon is inhaled, cellulose prevents your lungs from doing their job.  In some cases, the cinnamon and cellulose can cause scarring, leading to progressive lung damage. Talk to your kids and teenagers, and if you were considering trying it yourself, think again. Sure it may look like fun, but the consequences only come in degrees of pain.

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