There’s no snow on the beach, but… who needs snow when you’re surfing with Santa? We thought we’d share this throwback to visions of Christmas past (2016) to put you in the holiday mood, since there are “only” 153 days left before Christmas this year. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to start your gift shopping early this year so you can kick back and enjoy the holiday season a little more than usual?

Either way, let’s see what SpouseLink and AAFMAA Ambassador and Military Spouse Tara Smith was up to when she was on hand at the 2016 MacDill AFB free Surfin’ Santa Children’s Holiday Party to welcome the holiday season and spread some AAFMAA cheer to one and all last December. She was kind enough to share some photos of the event with us.

If you missed the event and live in the area, make sure you plan to attend this year. You may see Tara there!


It’s Tara, reporting for duty!

Surfin Santa Event

AAFMAA at Surfin' Santa Event 2016

Checking out AAFMAA at Surfin' Santa

Learning about AAFMAA at Surfin' Santa

Didn’t know SpouseLink or AAFMAA had MilSpouse Ambassadors at military bases around the country? Want to be one? Let us know you’re interested by emailing [email protected] and we’ll let you know what it takes, and where we might need our Ambassadors to be.

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